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Editorial Board

CelebrityFashionStyle.Com is offering a wide variety of celebrity fashion and lifestyle news for our readers.


Winola Wamelink – Head of Editorial Board

Winola is the one-person think tank of our team when it comes to editorial. She brainstorms, conducts researches, and writes blogs all by herself. Thanks to her, not only can our customers purchase their desired items here, but they can also get various inspirations on how to design their houses and offices right.

Editorial Policy

Writers retain broad discretion over the topic selection, as long as it is related to celebrity lifestyles, movie trends and outfit ideas.

Consult the articles already published on the website to avoid overlap with existing content. The same topics can be covered again but from a different and fresh perspective. 

Style and Tone

  1. Write with personality and confidence. 
  2. Be clear and direct.
  3. Avoid writing in the first person.
  4. Avoid too conversational a tone.
  5. Both American and British spelling are acceptable.


  1. Mandatory.
  2. They are used to break up text and to support data. 
  3. All pictures are assured at their best resolution.
  4. Caption is optional.

Proofreading and Approval 

Proofreading is essential. All blogs require approval from founders before publishing.

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If you have any suggestions and queries you can contact us on the below details. We will be very happy to hear from you.

E-mail: online[at]shantel.co